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Wednesday November 20, 2013
Startup nerds take the stage.

Techies Got Talent 2013!

Friends. Techies. Startuppers. Random strangers who like a good time. Techies Got Talent 2013 is coming!! We could not be more excited for the event to help support Music & Youth, a non-profit devoted to bringing music into the lives of youth in underserved urban communities. 

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, November 20th, 2013 to see a myriad of talented techies take the stage and proceed to rock your socks off. 
Check out our promo video for a snippet of last year’s event. Can’t wait to see you there! #TGT13


Techies Got Talent: The Beginning

When I was first warmly welcomed into the startup community, I immediately fell in love with the tight-knit network of support, the variety of innovative companies, the individuals, the events - all of it. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of events, from professional networking meetups to casual social gatherings. Greenhorn Connect emails simultaneously frightened and thrilled me: “This week there are 68 startup events!” Say what? That’s 9.7 events a day! 

Along with this plethora of events I began noticing another thing: there is some ridiculous talent in this community. Brilliant business developers. Savvy social media mavens. Exceptional engineers. This community contains professional talent like no other. 

When meeting more and more individuals, I enjoyed talking about my love for making music and always became excited upon meeting fellow musical startuppers. After realizing that my instinctual suggestion - “Let’s start a band!” -  was hardly feasible for a group of busy startup folks, a small seed was planted in my brain. There’s all this professional talent AND there’s a ton of non-professional talent that I bet no one really knows about. There must be a way to bring these hidden talents to the surface of the startup world, I thought. What better way than by putting together a talent show?

And that is how Techies Got Talent was born. I’m beyond thrilled that this initiative has turned into an annual event that brings the startup community together to raise awareness and funds for a meaningful cause. And I can’t wait to see it grow even bigger in years to come. 

Love in Tech & Talent,

Kelly Rice